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About Us

Top International Inspection Service Co.,Ltd(abbreviation TIS) is an inspection company set up in 2010. TOP provide customers with factory evaluation, product inspection, testing, and consulting service in China. It got excellent high-quality team of more than 180 senior engineers to inspect and review, with operation network covering mainland China.
Since established, customer supreme and quality first are escorting customer’s products in best level.
Once consumers buy your products, you have given the promise that products must with good appearance, features, and availability. A promise is the cornerstone of successful business.
Here we can develop a comprehensive quality control scheme to ensure your product quality, and help you stand out from many competitors. With the industry recognized first-class training system and strict professional code of ethics, TOP offer the good service on quality guarantee, product testing and inspection to convince that TOP can meet your requirements and reach your customer’s expectations.
We provide a wide range of consumer products inspection services, including security checks for product size, function, reliability test, weight, appearance, and design printing series etc.
Product inspection including: home appliances, hi-fi, television, lamps and lanterns, electric power tools computers telecommunication equipment, toys, gifts, ceramics, kitchen ware, stationary, clothing, garment, home textiles, shoes, hats, bags, leather, furniture, kitchen and bath, house and home, scouring bath, building materials, machinery.

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